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Fläschepost presents: Broken Bones Gin

Broken Bones was born When in 2012 Borut Osojnik called his cousin Boštjan Marušič and proposed they make a whiskey together, they had no idea where this will bring them. Their aim was to develop a Slovene whiskey that could match best Scottish Single Malt Whiskies, but with a Slovenian...
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Fläschepost presents: Broken Bones Gin

Fläschepost presents: Sabatini Gin

Sabatini Gin was born in December 2015, from four members of the two branches of the Sabatini family responsible for creating Sabatini Gin: Filippo with his cousins Enrico, Niccolò, and their father Ugo. The four are united by their family’s passion for the aperitif and a passion that they have combined with the desire to set up a business that involved the whole family.
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Fläschepost presents: Sabatini Gin

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