Broken Bones Navy Strength Gin


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Broken Bones is a distillery based in Slovenia and there are doing some incredible good London Dry gins. The Broken Bones Navy Strength Gin has a taste of juniper with a delicate citrusy gin with a novel character.

Made with a recipe from the London Dry Gin and doses of elite botanicals. Local Junipers and fruits from Slovenia´s Karst region including linden Flowers, coriander, cardamom, lemon rind, and traditional botanicals. It comes with 57% alcool a lot of Junipers and some spices, however still hazardously sleek gin.

Serve the Gin with a lot of Ice pure or combine it with the Imperdibile Wild Botanical Tonic as well you can put a Lemon Peel or Juniper Berries with it.



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