Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin


Brand Opyos
Origin Luxembourg
Volume 0.7 litres
Alcohol 44%

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Opyos was founded in May 2017 by three young Luxembourgers. As close friends, these passionate entrepreneurs had the ambition to create a product made of different fruits such as pears and apples, which is available in large quantities in the area. After intensive research, they discovered that Luxembourg already had high-quality fruit brandy and decided to create an original and local gin. To highlight the terroir, they created a distilled gin with 26 different ingredients, including 8 such as elderberries, blackberries, honey, rosehip… from Luxembourg, to create an artisan product with an authentic taste.
Tasting notes: The nose is dominated by subtle notes of juniper berries, followed by a freshness related to citrus fruits and empyreumatic with a touch of spice. The palate is complex with juniper berries, red fruit and honey are present and unfold in notes of gentian and some pepper. The mouthfeel is long and intense with a strong aromatic palette and despite the 44% alcohol content, it is delicate and harmonious.



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