Brooklyn Gin


Brand Brooklyn Gin
Category Gin
Origin USA
Volume 0.7 litres
Alcohol 40%

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Brooklyn Gin is a handcrafted dry gin in small-batch distilled from the New York district of Brooklyn. With great attention to detail, this gin has particularly intense citrus notes as a counterpart to the typical juniper notes of gin.

The basic spirit for the gin from Brooklyn is neutral alcohol with a 100% corn content. The taste shows this in a tendency to a sweetish aroma. A total of 11 other botanicals find their way into handcrafted gin. The finest peels of five different citrus fruits such as Eureka lemon, lemons from Persia, Mexico, kumquat, and navel orange give Brooklyn Gin its unique fruity taste, which can be tasted clearly. The juniper berries are broken open by hand and make the spirit the most popular gin. The notes of juniper continue into the finish. The Brooklyn Gin gains in complexity with other ingredients such as lavender, coriander, cocoa beans, angelica, and violet roots. With an alcohol content of 40% by volume, Brooklyn Gin is above the minimum level.

Brooklyn Gin, with its complexity of coriander, juniper, and the other botanicals, is best expressed in Gin & Tonic. The tangy taste of Fever Tree Tonic, for example, complements the straightforward aromas of the gin perfectly. And with a few ice cubes you get the perfect drink. We recommend using slices of lime as a garnish.

Shortly after its launch, Brooklyn Gin won gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2015. The bottle design is also impressive, presenting the crystal-clear gin in a pastel blue glass bottle. The design, inspired by Art Deco style, was also honored with the “World’s Best Gin Design” award at the World Drinks Awards 2014.



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