VOR Icelandic Gin


Brand VOR Gin
Category Gin
Origin Iceland
Volume 0.5 litres
Alcohol 47%

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VOR is Icelandic and means “spring” in English. The arctic spring in Iceland was the inspiration for the invention of the aromatic VOR Icelandic Gin, the Icelandic summer the source of the spicy taste of the spirit.

With the selected, hand-picked botanicals used in the production of VOR, the makers aim to capture the essence of Icelandic nature. Wild Icelandic juniper and crowberries, organic rhubarb, angelica root, birch leaves, sand thyme, kale, Icelandic moss, and sweet seaweed make the character of the gin unique.

VOR is made on the basis of organic barley. This grows in the Northern Polar Circle on the east coast of Iceland in a cold climate, which gives the grain brandy an extremely rich aroma – and thus the perfect basis for a full-bodied gin! Due to the small-batch process used in the distillation, VOR presents itself extremely smooth and full of aroma.

Incidentally, Icelandic gin won a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2012.


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