Plymouth Gin


Brand Plymouth Gin
Category Gin
Origin Plymouth, UK
Volume 0.7 litres
Alcohol 41,2%

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Plymouth Gin is a Protected Designation of Origin for a special type of gin, which may only be produced in the port city of Plymouth in southwest England. Today, there is only one gin that is allowed to call itself this name, and it is fitting that it bears exactly this name: Plymouth Gin.

Plymouth Gin is considered the unofficial gin of the British Royal Navy and differs from the typical London Dry by its less dry style with a reduced juniper content. It has been produced at the Black Friars Distillery using the same recipe since 1793: the finest grains and clear water from Dartmoor National Park meet the botanicals juniper, coriander seeds, orange and lemon peel, green cardamom, angelica root, and iris root.

With its earthy notes and fruity aroma, Plymouth Gin can be enjoyed wonderfully pure. It is also a perfect base for cocktails. Winston Churchill and Alfred Hitchcock were considered great fans of this gin – and the same is true of today’s spirits experts: Plymouth Gin won gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the International Spirits Challenge, among others.


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